About Geraiku Indonesia

Legal Entity

Geraiku Indonesia was incorporated in Nov. 2017 under the name of PT. Geraiku Indonesia Digital.

As of September 2019, the company has restructured and it is now known as PT. Geraiku Sarana Mulia.

Key Management Team

N. Krisbiyanto
Co-Founder and President Commissioner

Herwinto Ch. Sutantyo
Founder and CEO

Rima Risnowati
Co-Founder and Marketing Director

Herman Setiawan



Geraiku and Geraiku Store are registered trademarks #WFT2019072439 and DID2019000599 respectively.

Data as of March 2020

Store Partners
2925+ stores in Jabodetabek

Distribution Partners

#of SKU

Key Strategic Partners

Financial Services

  1. Bank BJB
  2. TC Invest
  3. Aktivaku


Tech Partners

  1. GMS
  2. Sinergix
  3. Sunmi


Brand Principles

  1. Unilever
  2. Mayora
  3. Indofood
  4. Nestle
  5. OT Group
  6. Indosat
  7. Bencoolen
  8. Kingdom
  9. Danone
  10. Lotte



  1. Tiga Raksa
  2. Triplogic
  3. aCommerce
  4. Harapan Jaya
  5. MUI


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