Hashtag #warungTetangga used for political campaigns

Throughout 2018 we were unaware of the #warungTetangga hashtag that Geraiku has been using as its tagline was widely used for the sake of regional election campaigns. And apparently among candidates who took the theme “Circular Economy” as their political slogan.

The hashtag also mentioned our twitter account Geraiku (@geraiku_id) therefore automatically published within our timeline. From one side of course we are happy about it but on the other hand it is unfortunate that the tag line has been used as a political jargon.

Although the tagline was not always being used for political campaigns, there have been several mentioned that are supporting our cause too. However, our wish is that for those bureaucrats to not only mention the tagline but actually implement the program. The very least giving us more traffic  🙂

Here are some of those political campaign tweets

The above was not a campaign, we just found it funny…

Several tweets that have supported us and one that carried a sad news

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