Klenger Burger, the oldest franchise burger joints rebound with Geraiku help

Klenger Burger, one of the oldest local franchise burger joints that was established in 2006 has had its glory days in the past with more than 100 outlets nationwide. Today, the franchise has less than 5 outlets due to mismanagement and the lack use of technology to monitor its huge outlets. In December 2019, we […]

Behind the scene of Klenger Burger ERP Integration “The Legend is Back”

Behind the scene on Klenger Burger ERP Integration by Geraiku. Klenger Burger is Indonesia’s first burger joint established in 2006 with over 100 outlets, went nationwide then operation failure hindered its growth due to problem in managing multiple stores. In 2020, Geraiku is assisting the franchise to rebound and regain their business by implementing ERP […]

Geraiku, GMS and Denso released full IOT Mobile Cold Storage

In late November of 2019 and after 5 months of preparation and building, Geraiku, GMS Japan and Denso has unveiled the joint production of a 1tonne, full IOT based mobile cold storage transportation platform basing on Daihatsu Gran Max and Suzuki New Carry. The cold storage vehicle allows transportation of frozen products and specifically made […]

Installation and training of Geraiku ERP and POS at Bakso Benhil.

Bakso Benhil as the latest franchise partner from GERAIKU received training on the use of an integrated ERP platform and POS system at one of their outlet locations; TCC Batavia. The ERP platform and POS system developed by GERAIKU as part of its retail solution have several advantages especially for franchises and business owners with […]

Bank BJB partnership with Geraiku to upgrade traditional stores.

To support local traditional stores, Small Medium Enterprises and micro businesses, PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat & Banten, Tbk (bank BJB) on Friday, 4th October 2019 joined forces with Geraiku Indonesia to provide access to business loan to all Geraiku Indonesia store as well as merchant members. The cooperation makes Bank BJB as one […]

Geraiku co-produced documentary series on Indonesia coffee industry

Recently GERAIKU co-produced a documentary series on Indonesia coffee industry covering lifestyle and interviews with industry players; from farmers to cafe owners. The web series that is airing on YouTube channel under StageAsia is produced by StageAsia and supported by mWomen community. The first episode of the series titled “Perempuan dan Bisnis Kopi” or “Women […]

[World Bank] Paving the way for a thriving digital economy in Indonesia

The article was originally published in Medium and written by Petra Wiyakti Bodrogini of World Bank Paving the way for a thriving digital economy in Indonesia Across the digital economy in Indonesia, both IT giants and smaller companies have the same complain: digital talents are hard to find. Obert Hoseanto, an Engagement Manager from Microsoft […]