Klenger Burger, the oldest franchise burger joints rebound with Geraiku help

Klenger Burger, one of the oldest local franchise burger joints that was established in 2006 has had its glory days in the past with more than 100 outlets nationwide.

Today, the franchise has less than 5 outlets due to mismanagement and the lack use of technology to monitor its huge outlets.

In December 2019, we decided to help and provide assistance to Klenger Burger by implementing Geraiku ERP Platform alongside our proprietary mini ERP and POS system into their latest and future outlets. The platform which has been used among Geraiku’s 2000 merchants has found its way to the hospitality industry starting with Bakso Benhil partnership.

By February 2020, Klenger Burger newest outlet in Layur, Rawamangun, East Jakarta has Geraiku ERP installed and implemented to help the outlet management and Klenger Burger investors in monitoring stocks, managing staff and maintaining their food and service without compromising quality.

Watch behind the scene of Geraiku ERP implementation at Klenger Burger Layur Outlet below.

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