Stores selling airtime credits and utilities bill payment services without deposit, Geraiku partnered with EasyPay

Beginning in December 2018, shop partners and business members of Geraiku are able to take on opportunities to sell airtime and other digital services that include utilities payments to transport tickets without the need to place a deposit commonly found when one wanting to provide digital services.

Partnering with EasyPay, Geraiku makes it easy for shop owners to provide self-service utilities bill payment and airtime purchases for consumers. The self-service machine place strategically within store reduce queueing time at cashier as customer can directly pay through the machine itself.

A total of 50 machines will be installed by EasyPay at Geraiku partner stores in the South Tangerang from January 2019 onwards before further installations throughout Indonesia by both companies.

What distinguishes this platform from other similar services currently on offer? There are at least three (3) main benefits:

First, without a deposit. This is important because the need to place funds before the service is used proves to be very troublesome for shop owners especially when demand is high but stock is limited due to lack of funds being deposited.

Second, consumers make self-service purchases. This makes it easier for shop owners as they do not need to serve consumers who want to buy airtime credit or pay bills at the cashier. 

Third, this is a profitable business. The benefit of earning additional income from selling airtime credits as well as utilities bills are very lucrative especially for novice business owners. Also an application-based model is being developed and integrated by Geraiku alongside EasyPay for the Mitra Geraiku application.

For more information, please download the brochure below

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