Visiting your neighbourly friendly coffee shop

Hi there, may we wish you a happy new year 2019 and hoping for the best oncoming year 2019 will be.

2018 was tough for Geraiku, many of us were at least impacted at personal level, yet we survived and continue the struggle to build the best platform for ASEAN retailers.

Anyway, last year we met lots of amazing people and awesome business partners, one of them is Rumah Kopi Ranin, a humble neighbourly friendly coffee shop in the heart of Bogor, the rainy city of Indonesia. What we love about this place is that they serve home ground and home brewed coffee plucked directly from their own community farms, also because their brand has almost similar choice of color; red.

We took some vid during our quick visit and really looking forward to another one in 2019.

Do enjoy the vid…

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